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Subhan Allah - Alhamdulillah - La Ilaha Illallahu - Allahu Akbar - Please, do this Zikr all the time.

Please Support Generously for Masjid Project
2nd Floor Construction

Baitul Mukarram Masjid has recently purchased the adjacent complex and parking lot to fulfill the increasing need of parking. The Masjid had only 18 parking spots to begin with. After purchasing the parking lot now the Masjid has 200 parking spots. The cost of this additional space was an immense $310,000.00. However, the parking lot needs further repair, for which the construction has already begun. We need your support urgently to cover these costs. Please donate generously to this noble cause.

Baitul Mukarram Masjid Parking Lot Project
If you have any question, comment or problem, Please contact Manjur Hasan (313) 289 - 2698 / Muhib Miah (586) 899 - 4402 or E-mail at